code-quality January 2014
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Re: [code-quality] Python coding standard checks
by Olivier CAYROL
7 years, 11 months

Python2 brackets for print statements (C0325)
by Carl Crowder
7 years, 12 months

Re: [code-quality] pylint installation
8 years

Pyflakes forked to Frosted
by timothy crosley
8 years

Re: [code-quality] pylint and gtk3
by Zunbeltz Izaola
8 years

Error codes (Was: Pyflakes forked to Frosted)
by Ian Cordasco
8 years

pylint and gtk3
by Zunbeltz Izaola
8 years

Change in error messages in pylint 1.1
by Mark E. Hamilton
8 years

pylint: Else clause on a loop without break statement
by Kay Hayen
8 years

pylint: disable for too-many-lines must go on first line of module?
by Patrick Jakubowski
8 years
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