Oh, I'm really sorry, you're right.

Someone left in our repository a zip with the master git branch from may 2016, and pip thought it was v2.0.0, and was installing it over 1.7.2. I forced v1.7.2 and that message disappeared.

Thanks a lot!

El dia 1 ag. 2017 15:08, "Florian Bruhin" <me@the-compiler.org> va escriure:

On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 01:06:48PM +0100, Tomàs Núñez wrote:
> The error I'm getting is:
> [pylint] E1102:api_path.startswith is not callable

That output seems like a very old pylint version to me.
Can you make sure you have pylint 1.7.2 and astroid 1.5.3?


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