@Florian: I think I will endup building my own opensource tool. 
@Martin, I'm not looking for commercial solutions. Most of the SaaS tools I have seen are half-assed. I can just hook up pylint with the CI server, and pre-commit before merging. 

Thanks to everyone who responded to me.  

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 7:59 AM Martin Vielsmaier <martin@vielsmaier.net> wrote:

On 21.09.20 13:15, Ahmed Hassan wrote:
> @Florian: Pylint itself is perfectly fine. However, I want to see all
> the pylint issues to be shown within the PR instead of another console.
> Also, I don't want to run pylint on the whole file, I want to run it
> only on the code that was added.

There are SaaS tools that will run pylint and other tools on all your
commits and will show the diff of issues for pull requests. Almost all
of them integrate with Github.

I happen to work on such a tool :-) You can find it at
https://codedb.app. It is not 100% ready yet and I will re-brand it
before I do a full public release. Most of the competitors (Code
climate, Codacy, Codeflow, deepsource, codefactor) do very similar
things but usually try to cover many different programming languages and
their linters, while my product is focused on Python code only.


PS: I hope it's ok to mention people to my tool, I tried to be fair and
also included the competitors.


Ahmed Hassan



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