I know this is a hot topic, just from googling it, but I’m trying to come up with a simple-ish script for my own use to just try to find hints for where an async function is called where it should be awaited. So, I’m aware that this is a complex issue, but I’m just trying to help myself find basic mistakes.


Anyway, in a visit_call method, I'm having a hard time inferring method calls are going. I have a visit_asyncfunctiondef where I index async functions, and a visit_call where I match functions to my index, but if I have a class with an async method called "get", I get false positives for any dict.get call, etc in my visit_call function, I've tried using safe_infer on both node and node.func, and always get Uninferrable is it possible to figure out what class a method call is for? I have a pdb.set_trace in my visit_call, and I'm poking all around the node and node.func trying to figure out how to see what class it's calling the method from.


Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the current version of the plugin code I’ve been hacking on:


import astroid

from pylint.checkers import BaseChecker, utils

from pylint.interfaces import IAstroidChecker



class AsyncAwaitChecker(BaseChecker):

    __implements__ = IAstroidChecker


    name = "async-without-await"

    priority = -1

    msgs = {

        "W4242": (

            "async function called without await",  # Display message

            "async-without-await",  # message-symbol

            "function should be called with 'await' keyword",  # Message help



    options = {}


    def __init__(self, linter=None):


        self._async_nodes = {}

        self._calls = {}


    def visit_asyncfunctiondef(self, node):

        self._async_nodes[node.name] = node

        if node.name in self._calls:

            self.add_message("async-without-await", node=self._calls[node.name])


    def visit_call(self, node):

        # called = utils.safe_infer(node.func)

        # if isinstance(called, astroid.scoped_nodes.AsyncFunctionDef):


            fname = node.func.name

        except AttributeError:

            fname = node.func.attrname

        if fname in self._async_nodes and not isinstance(

            node.parent, astroid.node_classes.Await


            import pdb



            self.add_message("async-without-await", node=node)



def register(linter):