Hi Dan

Sorry for being late to the party. If you are still interested, I'm working on a Mypy/Jedi rewrite in Rust, which is supposed to be  10-100 times faster than Mypy (or Jedi). Currently the mypy tests I'm running are ~500 times faster than what I can see in Mypy.

If you are still interested, I'm very happy to talk to you about how my rewrite could improve your workflow, because your issues are exactly why I'm doing this. It's however not open source at this point.

~ Dave

Am Fr., 20. Mai 2022 um 13:33 Uhr schrieb Dan Stromberg <drsalists@gmail.com>:

Hello people.

I've used Mypy and liked it in combination with MonkeyType.

I've heard there are alternatives to Mypy that are faster, and I'm looking at using something like this on a 457,000 line project.

Are there equivalents to MonkeyType that will work with these alternatives to Mypy?

And has Mypy become the defacto standard for how type annotations should look?  That is, are there other tools that assume Mypy's format too, and does most doc about type annotations assume Mypy's style?


PS: I sent this to python-list first five days ago, but didn't get a single reply.

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