In Emacs, python-mode (both Barry Warsaw's version and the GNU Emacs rewrite) indent line continuations in parens so that the next line begins in the column after the opening paren. They are quite consistent about this. For example:

    curs.execute("update swimmers"
"  set usms_id = ?"
"  where usms_id = ?",

and in an if statement:

    if ("OriginalSwimmerID" not in rdr.fieldnames or
        "NewSwimmerID" not in rdr.fieldnames):
        print("CSV file missing required columns.", file=sys.stderr)
        return 1

I'm comfortable with that indentation, but with 1.4, pylint started complaining about the second example, because it happens that the indentation of the continuation line matches the block indentation.

I can obviously suppress the bad-continuation message, but that would suppress it everywhere, which I don't really want. Is there some way to just restore the pre-1.4 behavior?