Not exactly an answer to the question you posed, but I found myself in a similar situation not long ago where I wanted to add flake8 to CI for a large codebase that had many violations to the rules we wanted to enforce. I found it useful to automatically add a #noqa to the preexisting violations before turning flake8 on so that no new violations could be introduced while the others were handled or ignored.

I have a small script which does that in-place if you think that would be helpful ( which you can run like

flake8 > flake8_violations

(standard warning that running random scripts on your codebase without understanding what they do is a bad idea and that this is provided without warranty that it'll work and not mess up your codebase)

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022, 8:18 AM Kristoffel Pirard <> wrote:
> You're seeking a technical solution to unreasonable requests being
> made by people of your project. Set boundaries. Put your foot down.

I was about to answer something like this: the team has to follow.  As all
changes, though, this goes with some struggle.

Stuff that may help resolving that struggle:

* help them configure their beloved editors
* help them avoid mistakenly committing: helped us a lot
* stick to an agreed-upon version of flake8

Kind regards
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