there's a pylama project which is a bit buggy at error reporting, but it solves the code checks as a whole, which i appreciate

So it general solution for code checks but it's also a pytest plugin which includes mccabe checks

I use it in several projects

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 9:12 AM Florian Bruhin <> wrote:

(first of all, sorry for the cross-posting, but I can't decide on which
list this belongs - at least I resisted sending it to the TIP list
too :P)

I recently started switching from flake8[1] to pytest-pep8[2] and
pytest-flakes[3], but missed a way to run the mccabe[4] code
complexity checker.

So I wrote my first pytest plugin to integrate that with pytest:

Any feedback is welcome! I plan to write some more tests (for the
config wildcards mainly) and run pylint/pyflakes/pep8 over it, and
then I'll release v0.1 on PyPI.

Thanks to:

- Florian Schulze for pytest-flakes, on which the code is based.
- Ned Batchelder for the original McCabe script.
- Florent Xicluna for mccabe on PyPI.



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