On Jan 26, 2018, at 8:14 AM, Steven D'Aprano <steve@pearwood.info> wrote:

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 09:15:43AM -0600, Ian Stapleton Cordasco wrote:

This sounds like an attempt to be humorous at the expense of people
who have actually been physically violated. That isn't acceptable on
this list and is not tolerated by any mailing list hosted on
python.org. Please refrain from this in the future.

Ian, you are gate-keeping and telling the poster how he or she should
feel. Please don't do that, it is a hostile and aggressive thing to do.
You have no right to tell the OP that he or she *shouldn't* feel
violated by an experience which he clearly experienced as frustrating
and painful. Who are you to say that (s)he didn't, or shouldn't, have
felt violated?


Jumping to conclusions about people's intents will continue along an unproductive path to improve the documentation experience.

Let's try to keep this discussion on topic. Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt of being well intentioned, I would appreciate keeping any future discussion on the topic of the documentation search.

Here's my thoughts for each of you as we move forward:

- Thank you Quantum Mechanic for reporting the issue.
- Thank you Ian for your empathy and respect for the community.
- Thank you Steven for stressing that we "should" be a welcoming community to new and existing contributors.

I just returned from PyCascades where Brett Cannon gave a great talk on open source community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiWfqMbJ3_8

Thank you,

Carol Willing

And before you dismiss me (as I expect your initial reaction will be)
both my wife and I are "people who have actually been physically
violated". Your defence of our feelings, while well-intentioned, is
neither needed nor wanted. I'm sure you thought you were doing the right
thing, but we don't need you to act as gate-keeper telling us when we
are being made fun of. We can decide for ourselves whether to interpret
the OP's words as being at our expense or a genuine heartfelt sense of
anguish at a hostile user-experience.

Of course the OP's experience with Google and ReadTheDocs is not
objectively as awful as what my wife has been through, or even for that
matter me, but we shouldn't dismiss the mental pain of an ugly and
frustrating user experience as any less real just because it didn't
involve an actual knife being held to somebody's throat.

Please don't be so hostile to a newcomer who has taken the time to
report a problem on this list and did nothing to deserve the given
reaction. At the *very least*, we as a community ought to give newcomers
the benefit of the doubt and interpret the OP's comment as nothing more
than hyperbole rather than assuming the worst ("...at the expense

Thank you.

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