I would like to ask you for help with integration of Pylint into Jenkins Violations plugin on Windows.


What I have:

-       During Jenkins job Pylint is called (“pylint %listOfPackages%  | tee pylint.out”)

-       The example of the “pylint.out” is in the attachment

-       Following picture depicts the Jenkins job configuration, the Report Violations part:


What I see after job run:

-       The graphical Pylint output is always empty – see following picture:

-       The “violations.xml” generated in “<Jenkins root>\jobs\<job name>\builds\<build>\violations\” is (almost) empty too:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<violations><type name="pylint"> </type></violations>




What should I do to make Jenkins to fill “violations.xml” and thus graphical Pylint output be filled?


Thanks for your help.

Michal Svoboda