If we ever want to have a nice workflow where we can automate as much as possible, we need to figure out a way deal with our most common merge conflict: Misc/NEWS. Thanks to shifts in the format between different minor versions the file is pretty much guaranteed to have a conflict when doing a merge up a version.

So how do we solve this? I can remember 3 possible solutions that have been proposed previously:
  1. A single file per entry
  2. A single file per release version of Python
  3. Automating it based on commit messages
I personally prefer #3 as I hate repeating myself since I just copy and paste the first line(s) of my commits to Misc/NEWS as it is anyway (basically up to the first pair of newlines). We would need a way to signal that the commit message contains nothing useful for the to-be-generated NEWS file when it's simply a fix for a previous commit (probably some marker that is somewhat inconspicuous like a dash on its own line or something). In terms of the section of the NEWS file that a commit belongs, that can once again be a marker or honestly something we drop or infer based on what files were edited in the commit.