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On Apr 11, 2017, at 18:29, Carol Willing <> wrote:
While RTD may or may not be right for, I think it's worth looking at least mirroring the CPython docs on RTD. An added benefit for hosting on RTD is that there is lots of documentation around for using Sphinx/RTD which provides an opportunity for attracting more contributors to documentation and community management.

I guess I don't see the value of maintaining a RTD mirror for CPython docs as long as we are also serving the documents from, something which I think we need to continue to do.  

I'm not advocating moving to the current docs right now, but I do believe there is value in having some form of the current master 3 docs on RTD. The value comes from these benefits:

- a place to begin simplifying the documentation workflow for both maintainability (bus factor) and attracting a wider group of contributors and reviewers
- making the documentation development and review process simpler would encourage people who are good writers and educators to contribute more to the "how to use" sections of the docs

While the reference sections of the docs are excellent, the tutorials and "how to" sections could be more community focused.

I'm throwing it out as a suggestion for improvement, not a distraction or extra work. I'm happy to keep the status quo too.

There is a fair amount of work that goes on behind the scenes with each release for maintaining the docs, not all of which is included in the docs source itself, things like updating symlinks and redirects and what not.  Adding the mirror seems like adding extra work for no gain.  And how would Sphinx documentation not also apply to the current CPython docs as served on 

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