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    >> If GitHub turns evil, it will be most likely by selling this
    >> nicely packaged information to recruiters.  It's too late to move
    >> away then, the statistics will have been collected already.

> Do their terms of service even allow for that, or is this just speculation
on your part?

When exploring a worst case scenario, some level of speculation is
probably inevitable.  The guideline "if a service is free, you are
the product" is pretty well established -- I cannot think of an
example where it has actually been refuted.

But the service is free to open source only. GitHub makes all of their money from private hosting services to large companies. So it's a freemium model of "try our service out for free as long as you make your code public, and if you like it and want to use it at work then pay us". So I don't view this as the same model that Google et. al. uses where you are the product to advertisers, but more like mobile games where people are trying to entice you to buy "upgrades".

I do not know whether explicit permission to resell data that is
technically public is required in the U.S.  Note that while the
data is "public", data mining GitHub by third parties seems to
be forbidden.

GitHub's TOS appear to be entirely silent on the subject, but they
are already publishing aggregate data like

  https://github.com/torvalds ,

I believe you have to make your profile public for that to be viewable.


which by my (European) privacy point of view is already stretching
and exceeding the limits of good taste.

Stefan Krah

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