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That said, Chris's variant of just setting the upstream of the local clone's master branch to the upstream repo so "git checkout master && git pull" on master reads directly from upstream, while "git push" defaults to going to your fork, does sound intriguing - I'm going to try that on some of my existing projects where I made the original clone from my personal fork.

This is what I do, it works very well in my experience.

I also add a fetch line so that pull requests show up with refs and I can check them out locally. For example, here is my .git/config from one of my repositories: https://bpaste.net/show/2fd5a8dfe33e

This means that my ``master`` branch tracks the upstream, the default origin is my fork, and I can checkout PRs locally using:

    $ git checkout pr/N # Checks out the PR as a branch tracking the PR
    $ git checkout -b whatever upstream/pr/N  # checkout out the PR as a a new branch based on the PR.

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