I have come to realize that asking for conversions of the devguide and peps repos to test with really won't give an accurate representation of how the workflows will apply to the cpython repository. Because of that I would like to see a test repo that starts from the cpython repo at some point in time that people can use to test things such as clean patch submissions, merge conflict submissions, etc. I'm not expecting Roundup integration for this nor that commits be integrated back into the repository of record. Basically I want to be able to grab a patch from Roundup and somehow apply it against a test repo to see how the workflow will work where I play both submitter and committer (e.g., a GitHub test repo where I can submit my own PRs against it that I know will fully succeed or have a merge conflict to test how things will look on both ends).

Nick and Donald, do you think you can have such a test setup up and running by October 31 (Halloween, 88 days away)? If you honestly need more time I am willing to extend to November 15 (the cut-off in the retail industry to consider something in stores for Christmas, 113 days away), but I only want to do that if you honestly think the 15 extra days will make a difference. These dates will be enough for me and any other core developers who are interested to try out the test repos, give me feedback, and allow me to make a decision no later than January 1, 2016 so we can start the new year off towards getting our workflow back on track.