On Mon, 4 Jun 2018 at 15:58 Victor Stinner <vstinner@redhat.com> wrote:
2018-06-04 20:34 GMT+02:00 Brett Cannon <brett@python.org>:
> Since
> https://python.visualstudio.com/cpython/_build/index?context=mine&path=%5C&definitionId=4&_a=history
> shows the builder has been stable

Just to be pedantic, it's not 100% stable yet :-) test_asyncio strikes back:

I see two 3.7 and master builds which failed because of this issue.

Right, but those aren't special to VSTS, correct?

Moreover, it seems like the regrtest -w option is missing: failing
tests are not re-run in verbose mode.

Did you want to propose a PR to update the YAML files in the .vsts directory to start using -w?