Thanks for the feedback. And the "do nothing" option is there, although it's so disliked by so many people that the chances of us not changing our workflow is pretty slim.

On Sat, 28 Nov 2015 at 12:22 Stefan Krah <> wrote:

Brett has asked for feedback until Dec 1st, so here are my
quick random thoughts:

  1) GitHub's UI is more polished than GitLab's.

  2) GitHub pull requests are not universally liked (see famous Torvalds
     rant "... pull requests and the online commit editing, are just
     pure ...").

  3) Attracting contributors?  This was also an argument for the
     svn -> hg change, but it did not happen IMO. On the contrary,
     patches like seem to be more

  4) Personally, I probably would not have contributed to Python
     if a GitHub account had been required back in 2012.  But the
     time may come when one is excluded entirely from any Open Source
     contributions without a GitHub account...

  5) The "do-nothing" option hasn't been mentioned: The current setup
     is actually quite nice compared to almost 99% of other projects.
     I like it better than both GitHub/GitLab.

Stefan Krah

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