On 5 Aug 2015 00:35, "Brett Cannon" <bcannon@gmail.com> wrote:
> Nick and Donald, do you think you can have such a test setup up and running by October 31 (Halloween, 88 days away)? If you honestly need more time I am willing to extend to November 15 (the cut-off in the retail industry to consider something in stores for Christmas, 113 days away), but I only want to do that if you honestly think the 15 extra days will make a difference.

I'm not sure where we're at with this timeline, but I wanted to raise a request from some recent distutils-sig process discussions: we have some participants that *strongly* prefer to only need accounts with PSF provided services in order to participate in PEP design discussions. (The context was using the PyPA's "interoperability PEPs" repo on GitHub as part of the detailed review process for packaging interoperability PEPs)