Thanks! I really like that you can drill down on various things until you reach GitHub.

With a few iterations we should be able to launch this.

- Show dates (and perhaps filter on "last week/month/etc."?)
- A few people appear under two names (at least Eric [V.] Smith)
- Contrast on the boxes here makes them hard to read for my old eyes:
- For really old commits the "author" is often really just the person who reviewed and "merged" the patch
- Ms Islington is credited for a number of commits -- shouldn't those be attributed to the original author somehow?

On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 5:03 AM Pablo Galindo Salgado <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

After talking with Victor Stinner on some ideas on how to encourage
contributions to CPython and how to give more visibility to contributors
based on the project (than in turn was based
on I have created the following prototype
in my daily commute time:

The project runs on Heroku at this moment, it fetches the latest changes from the git
repository and updates every 30 minutes to get the latest information. You can click on
any release to get the contributor names:


(the names are obtained from the commit messages)
and you can in turn click any contributor name to get the list of commits:

You can also obtain a list of all contributors (all time contributors):

​I want also to emphasize that this is just a very basic prototype made for evaluating the idea and
the possible benefit that it has, 
but is functional
​ :)

At this point is a very simple flask app with a celery worker running in the background and a redis
interface for celery and for storing the git data (so is very easy to bootstrap as the first thing it does
when started is to clone the repo and fetch the data again).

​What are your opinions on the matter?

P.S. Don't be to critic on my horrible html and web design skills ;)

Regards from sunny London
Pablo Galindo Salgado 
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