Adding Steve.

On Wed, 23 May 2018 at 11:48 Antoine Pitrou <> wrote:


Not sure where to report this, but I had a weird build failure here:



On Thu, 17 May 2018 10:54:27 -0400
Brett Cannon <> wrote:
> Since both Paul Moore and Antoine Pitrou started to ask questions about a
> side comment I made about VSTS, I might as well start a discussion (Steve
> has also *just* emailed python-committers about this topic).
> Basically Steve Dower and I have been working directly with the VSTS team
> to improve their Python support. Along the way they have announced they are
> adding anonymous access to build logs which was always a major blocker for
> using it in open source. VSTS gave us early access to the anonymous access
> that they are launching along with 20 concurrent builders which is more
> than what we currently have on Travis and AppVeyor.
> At this point Steve has added the appropriate YAML files in the .vsts
> directory that control the build jobs so we can test out the integration
> and see what the performance is like. But based on what we have been seeing
> there will be no queue in getting PRs tested and that applies to Windows,
> macOS, and Linux (IOW better coverage and no more issues about performance
> or having to wait too long for CI to go green ;) . There is also other
> benefits like making at least Windows builds easier to release as signing
> those builds can now be automated.
> My expectation is that once we are convinced that the VSTS builds are
> passing consistently and everything is working as everyone wants for e.g. a
> week, we can plan to turn off Travis and AppVeyor for master and 3.x
> branches (no one wants to bother with trying to get 2.7 to work on this and
> we can simply continue to rely on Travis and AppVeyor as necessary for the
> next 18 months). I don't think we want to run multiple CIs indefinitely on
> the same branch as it does take time and effort to keep CI green on a
> provider since they all have their own quirks.
> I should also mention that this free access is not limited to just CPython
> and any project can get free accounts and credits now, you just have to
> talk to Steve about getting in on the anonymous access before it launches
> to the general public (I have no timeline on when that's happening).

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