On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 10:41 PM Barry Warsaw barry@python.org wrote:

It heartening to know that we all care enough about Python, past, present, and future to want to see it succeed not just technically, but socially as well, and decisions about where and how our code will be developed are at least as much social as they are technical. It’s also gratifying to know that a subject that can invoke such passion can for the most part be discussed rationally and civilly within our wonderful community.

I’d like to echo this sentiment as well.

I’ll also add that Python now joins an impressive list of programming languages hosted and developed on GitHub.

Some of those languages just use GitHub’s issue tracker (e.g. Go), others just use GitHub pull requests (e.g. Swift, Ruby), and others use the full feature set (e.g. Rust).

I hope this transition both enables more people to get involved with Python and lessens the contribution burden on committers.