so the discussion of migrating the instance repo has moved to 

Thanks!! I've filed several issues in my wishlist 🙇🏻‍♀️

  Adding a similar link for GitHub would help make it easier for new
contributors (and probably make sense anyway)

😅 I've opened 

 we currently have direct links (icons)
for authenticating with Google

What I heard is that Google login hasn't been working, only openid maintenance processes aren't the way they are because the maintainers like them that way - they're the way they are because very few people are showing up to help with improving them.

At its current state it doesn't seem like its even welcoming any contributions. I still have not figured out how to upload a patch there.

people contributing to Python will also have to sign up
for maintaining the code they contribute to a certain extent,
so why would they not need a bpo account ?

bpo account is only needed to participate in issues for CPython.
People editing PEPs and devguide and fixing typos should not be required to go to b.p.o and create account just to sign the CLA.

Also note that bpo is easy for us to customize, so the natural
place to maintain such flags.

 Easy is relative :) It can be customized, but only several people in the world are currently capable of customizing it.