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OK, I don't have a big problem with moving the devguide and/or the PEPs, though I do think Guido has a point about being mindful of adding burden to the RTD folks (although, yes, that's probably not a big deal for the devguide and probably not for the PEPs either).  And I don't think moving them is going to make any significant difference in the workload of the Python infra team as long as we do not outsource the main python.org web site components.  My big concern would be with trying to move the rest of the docs.  That is much more complicated and has implications for the release process and backward compatibility wrt URLs etc etc.  (Release managers handle a lot of the complexities of this behind the scenes.)  I would urge that we not make that (e.g. moving the rest of the docs) a goal for now.

*Puts Infra Hat on*

Outsourcing is always good where possible. We’re technically over our donation amount for Rackspace so we’re paying for some servers and bandwidth now. That being said, these particular machines are not high maintenance but it would still be nice to get them off of our infra if possible/reasonable.

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