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Hi Brett,

On 01/10/2016 03:54 AM, Brett Cannon wrote:
> I'm developing it at
> https://github.com/brettcannon/github-transition-pep/blob/master/pep-NNNN.rst .
> I'm not posting it here as I'm still actively writing it. The only reason
> I'm mentioning it now is because the migration plan has been very roughly
> outlined, so if it  looks like I'm missing something, please let me know.

A question on point:

Linking pull requests to issues
Historically external contributions were attached to an issue on
bugs.python.org [5] thanks to the fact that all external contributions
were uploaded as a file.

* From GitHub [1]:

Deleting your user account

You can delete your GitHub user account at any time. Before you do so,
you should hand over the reins of any organizations you might own.

Deleting your user account removes all repositories, forks of private
repositories, wikis, issues, pull requests, and pages. The account name
also becomes available to anyone else to use on a new account, and we
stop billing you.

Is that case solved under the point """Backup of pull request data"""?
(or where should point the issue-tracker if the user is gone?)

I'm not terribly worried about this case. It's going to be rare and if someone walks away from their contribution they may not want us to carry on.

It should be said, though, that some have talked about backing up the diffs so it's definitely feasible to save all of it and not just the comments.




[1] https://help.github.com/articles/deleting-your-user-account/

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