Developer privileges should be enough and I can't think of any special docs.

On Thu Feb 19 2015 at 5:35:26 AM Nick Coghlan <> wrote:
Hi folks,

I'd like to have Slavek (Fedora/RHEL Python maintainer) appear in the nosy list entirely for selfish reasons (i.e. I'd like
to make it easier for me or anyone else to ask his opinion on issues
that may have a downstream impact on Fedora and the Fedora-derived

Do I just need to grant him Developer access on the tracker to make
that happen? Or would he have to be accepted as a core developer

And as a related meta-question... are there additional tracker admin
docs I should be aware of given my level of access?

Noob-tracker-admin-ish'ly yours,

Nick Coghlan   |   |   Brisbane, Australia
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