On Tue, 5 Jun 2018 at 03:52 Victor Stinner <vstinner@redhat.com> wrote:
Steve has no plan to support VSTS on Python 2.7:

"Correct, and I wasn't planning on it. The default VSTS machines don’t
have the right compiler, and I’m not about to start managing VMs for
2.7 at this stage."

So I would suggest to keep AppVeyor for Python 2.7, at least for the
short term, and maybe make it mandatory again since it works again we
doubled our capacity (1 job => 2 jobs in parallel)!

The workflow velocity is less impact for Python 2.7 which gets less
changes than 3.x & master branches.

Yep, that's what I was thinking of doing on Friday.



2018-06-04 20:34 GMT+02:00 Brett Cannon <brett@python.org>:
> We had to turn off AppVeyor as a requirement today due to it not running any
> builds for the last 20 hours. Ned Deily suggested that since VSTS on at
> least Windows has stabilized that maybe we should switch off AppVeyor off
> entirely and make the Windows VSTS builder required.
> Since
> https://python.visualstudio.com/cpython/_build/index?context=mine&path=%5C&definitionId=4&_a=history
> shows the builder has been stable I would like to make this required for
> master today/tomorrow and then flip it on for the other 3.x branches on
> Friday if we don't see any instability.
> Any objections/opinions about doing this?
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