On 10 October 2014 01:26, Paul Moore <p.f....@gmail.com> wrote:
On Thursday, 10 July 2014 02:52:31 UTC+1, Richard Jones wrote:
Is it possible (or desirable) that devpi be able to trigger builds of wheels for packages that it caches? I realise it'd be possible as part of a Jenkins trigger for an upload, but this is for cached packages from PyPI.

What I would like is actually somewhat simpler. I'd like to be able to set things up so that whenever devpi serves an egg or wininst file, it also serves the equivalent wheel (by running wheel convert). The "obvious" way to do this would be whenever devpi mirrors a project from PyPI it (or a hook/plugin) runs wheel convert on any exe and egg files, and caches the resulting wheels as if they had come from PyPI.

I must have not been clear but that was basically what I was asking for :)

[with the caveat I mentioned: timing could be tricky if the build takes a while]

I've since used devpi-builder with some success. It avoids the timing issue by having the wheel build be a separate process. Unfortunately a bug in pip (PR still under review https://github.com/pypa/pip/pull/1965) meant that devpi-builder is less useful than it could be (it currently requires versions in requirements.txt to be pinned).