Hi Achim,

excuse me for writing you throuh this group about a different issue. I have not found your email anywere.
Searching information about pos-taggers for German I have read your question on QueForum and I was wondering I you have got some results using the NLTK-Trainer as suggested in the answer. I'm a linguist with limited computer understanding (working with NLTK most recently);  I failed to understand how to get a tagger (for German texts) with means of the NLTK-Trainer as suggested in the answer. At tis very moment I'm working on the comparison between German and Spanish and I'd like to have some German documents tagged. I would be very grateful if you could me some more indications.


El miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013 12:27:29 UTC+1, Achim Domma escribió:

when I execute a "devpi upload" in my package folder, the uploaded version always gets a "dev" postfix appended to the version. To install such a version using pip, I have to specifiy the --pre flag. I have no glue whether devpi decides to append this postfix or setuptools or ... Could somebody give me a hint how to get rid of this behavior?

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