Yes, it is. Thanks.

El lun., 12 de febrero de 2018 4:08, Florian Schulze <> escribió:
On 8 Feb 2018, at 14:08, Florian Schulze wrote:

> On 7 Feb 2018, at 23:46, Luis Alfonso Parra wrote:
>> Is it possible to push a package to a different index from the
>> on_upload hook code?
>> I'd like to have a pivot index that does some classification and then
>> pushes to the right index.
> No, the event handler only has read access to the database. You would
> either need to trigger an external (micro)service to do that or use
> http from the hook.
> The devpiserver_on_upload_sync hook is better for that use case, as it
> provides you with the URL.
> We are currently thinking about replacing devpiserver_on_upload_sync
> and devpiserver_on_upload with a single new one. As soon as I have
> written something, I will send a link to an issue with use cases and
> thoughts for comments.

I've looked into this some more and a unified hook isn't feasible at the
moment. Is devpiserver_on_upload_sync enough for your use case?

Florian Schulze

Luis Alfonso Parra
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