On Wednesday, June 4, 2014 9:03:07 AM UTC-5, Maximilien Riehl wrote:

Setup.py says

Submitting dist/package.tar.gz to http://devpi:5000/dev/dev/
Upload failed (400): Bad Request

and the logs are not really helping :

I am seeing this same 400 error when using `python setup.py sdist upload`, but through some trials I discovered it seems to only fail on packages that haven't already been successfully uploaded with `devpi upload` at least once prior.  I'm thinking there is some metadata or file structure in the index that gets created when going through `devpi upload` that doesn't get created with the plain setup.py approach?  

Is there a way to 'register' a package initially to an index to prime the index without using `devpi upload` so that subsequent plain setup.py works?