I'm facing a non documented problem with DEVPI (at least, i no see any about this).

I developped wrapped driver around DLL libs on windows. No wheel creation problem on windows. My devpi server is on a Debian distrib.

My procedure is to clone my repository on my Debian, then ask for upload code on devpi. But when i do this, i have an error saying that ctypes has no "windll" function. When i look at ctypes help, in Python, i saw i use same Python and ctypes version on windows and Linux, but Linux version has some functionnality in minus.

I saw other wrapped drivers i have created has no problem with devpi. Seems problem appears only when in code, the ctypes line is directly interpreted (in code without indentation, or in a function or a class which is called in code without indentation). In the code which no create problem, ctypes.windll line is in a class which is no interpreted.

Someone could tell me if there is a way, i d'idn't see or undestand, to simplee upload wheel and documentation, create on windows side on my devpi Linux?

Thank you