I add that ideal size for logo is 150/200 pixels width. Otherwise, webpage structure is impacted.

Le jeudi 18 août 2016 07:54:42 UTC+2, alexa...@gmail.com a écrit :

Thank you for your quick answer. it works after some search. Some explains for others which would have same problem as me.

I had to create a new folder at my template's name (example: "custom_logo") in "devpi_web" folder, then create two subfolders (static, and templates). I put my logo.gif in static, and macros.pt in templates. Macros contains only the few lines describes in official documentation, specific to the logo (2 or 3 lines), then i start devpi-server with the (--theme /absolute/path/to/folder/custom_logo).

Thank you very much

Le mercredi 17 août 2016 15:59:58 UTC+2, Florian Schulze a écrit :
Did you start devpi-server with the --theme option? The folder you
specify with that option should have "static" and "templates"

Florian Schulze

On 17 Aug 2016, at 15:28, alexa...@gmail.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm implementing devpi. I'd like to keep default theme, but add my
> logo,
> just this. I see procedure on documentation. I copy a logo.gif in
> static
> folder, and add the code in templates folder, in macros.pt, but when i
> start the server, no logo. Where am i wrong please?
> Thanks
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