Hello Dipy-Team,

I am looking to replace an existing dMRI segmentation workflow created using MedINRia with DIPY. While performing fibre tracking with MEdINRIA, the files .FIB and .INR are written out, corresponding to the defined RoI. Writing out FIB with DIPY is pretty straight-forward with DIPY but is there a way to write out the INR files as well. In general, INR file contains the volume image information representing at each voxel a tensor T containing full diffusion information which can be then extracted using the ReadInrTensorData() in MATLAB. 

Is there a way to generate this for a streamline object in DIPY? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Animesh Ranjan,
Development Engineer - Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering & Automation IPA
Doctoral Candidate - University of Stuttgart
Nobelstra├če 12,
70569 Stuttgart,