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Package versioning
by Timothy Docker
1 year, 11 months
1 year, 11 months
Re: [Distutils] how to easily consume just the parts of eggs that are good for you
by Stanley A. Klein
10 years, 5 months
eggs and Python Unicode variants (UCS2, UCS4)
by Martijn Faassen
10 years, 10 months
unicode bug in distutils
by Tarek Ziadé
10 years, 11 months
Unicode in distutils meta-data
by Tarek Ziadé
11 years, 6 months
[PATCH][setuptools] Add test_runner support to setup
by Klaus Zimmermann
11 years, 7 months
buildout: setting envirionment variables for zc.recipe.egg:custom?
by Christian Zagrodnick
11 years, 9 months
[issue14] Executing "./ez_setup.py" fails.
by Zooko O'Whielacronx
11 years, 9 months
[issue17] easy_install (debian sid version 0.6c8) will install a package that is already there
by Zooko O'Whielacronx
11 years, 10 months
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