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Two fixes (at last)
by Greg Ward
1 year, 9 months
Package versioning
by Timothy Docker
1 year, 9 months
Versioned trove classifiers for Django
by James Bennett
2 years, 9 months
Current Python packaging status (from my point of view)
by Nick Coghlan
3 years, 2 months
ANN: distlib 0.2.4 released on PyPI
by Vinay Sajip
3 years, 3 months
Compatibility Tags and the Stable API
by Phil Thompson
3 years, 3 months
When can we kill Python 2.6 support?
by Donald Stufft
3 years, 4 months
Re: [Distutils] Publicly Queryable Statistics
by Jason Antman
3 years, 4 months
Module Installation Issues
by Mills, Ryan
3 years, 4 months
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