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Not that this isn't an issue, but:

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 5:34 AM, Daniel Holth <dholth@gmail.com> wrote:
So this was a problem with eggs too. Let's say ZODB 3.0.1 was just released. You are happily using 3.0.0, the next version is a minor upgrade, but there are no precompiled packages for 3.0.1, so your build breaks on Friday morning when you are trying to deploy.

If you are using pip, etc. to DEPLOY, they you'd better darn be using explicit versions in your requirements.txt.

Just sayin'

Yes, it goes without saying that you can avoid these problems by some combination of best practices such as running your own devpi. But maybe we could figure out how to provide best practices by default.

Of course, you may not want to use explicit versions in development for CI testing, and then you run into the same issue. But having a test fail on commit is not nearly as big a deal....

If you find yourself in that situation then you would appreciate an easy way to use the newest available binaries rather than the newest available source,

I think the trick here is that you need "binaries" for packages with C extensions, but source is just fine for pure python.

So I kind of like the idea of making wheels the default for distributing on PyPi always -- even for pure python modules. And wheels are trivial to build from pure python packages -- so why not?




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