Thanks Sumana & the team for all your work, and for these updates!

On Wed, May 2, 2018, at 2:09 AM, Sumana Harihareswara wrote:
As I announced yesterday, here and on the pypi-announce and general Python announcement lists, we have shut down, on schedule. (See the notes from our final weekly call, a screenshot of all our closed milestones, a screenshot of the hit ratio for Legacy going to 0%, and Ernest pouring out a toast to the old codebase.)

This is the last weekly report you'll get from me on this project, as the MOSS funding has nearly run out (we set aside a little for me to run the PyCon sprint and for Nicole to run the EuroPython sprint).

Thanks so much to Mozilla's Open Source Support program for the award that enabled this work. And thanks to the PSF and its Packaging Working Group for facilitating it.

Highlights from the last week:

The podcast Talk Python To Me released an episode interviewing Dustin Ingram, Nicole Harris, and Ernest W. Durbin III about Warehouse  -- you can listen or read the transcript. And the Python Bytes podcast had a short chat about Warehouse as well.

Ernest sunset Legacy, fixed a subsequent outage (my fault for putting a hostname in the title of a blog post!), updated a cabotage setting, updated CDN configuration, and fixed another service disruption. And he improved search for XML-RPC endpoint users.

Since we got 1700+ responses to the "buy a feature" survey, we took down the banner -- Nicole notes that the data is really useful and will really help with redesigning the project detail page! She also fixed modal alignment and table alignment in IE11.

Dustin replaced our Twisted usage with gunicorn and fixed an edge case concerning identical canonical versions of a release, and Dustin and Ernest made old links for files, display actionssearch and browse actions redirect appropriately. And Dustin merged "Support XML-RPC multicall" and then "Skip tweens for XML-RPC multicall subrequests" then "Deprecate XML-RPC MultiCall" and I think we've all had sequences like that in our lives.

Laura Hampton and I ran a Warehouse sprint night in New York City (giving participants several tasks at varying difficulty levels), where Corey Girard helped us make profile pages display "you" versus a username more logically -- thanks, Corey! -- and Kshitij Chawla found a setup issue.  And the team found some more developer experience snags and got to fixing them: PyPUG instructions, the README, Docker instructions, discoverability for the architecture overview.

We are slowing down a bit on pull request review and issue response as our dedicated time on Warehouse comes to a close, but we still did a lot of review and replying. Thanks to the volunteers who got pull requests merged in the past week:

Special shoutout to GitHub user jdufresne who has submitted a bunch of pull requests to various projects, including setuptools, updating their URLs from to (example). I've done some similar issue-opening (example). And thanks to Donald Stufft for helping with the infrastructure changeover!

You can help by:

Dustin, Ernest, Laura, Nicole and I will continue volunteering a few hours per week around here, just as many of us did before the project. We're all grateful we got to work together and make this happen, and hope to have further paid opportunities to dedicate time to this infrastructure and its symbiotic community.

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