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Any news about this please? This is becoming a problem as my outdated doc keeps being around and I have no way to remove it. 

I have the same problem with my projects: the documentation on pythonhosted.org can no longer be updated, and it is also not possible to change that documentation into a link to a new location.

I have new documentation on Read the Docs, but Google searches still prefer the old location and I would therefore prefer to have redirects on python host.org.

BTW. Has there been any documentation beyond this list about this change? 

I don't believe so, as I believe the change from "deprecated" to "no longer works" was a side effect of disabling uploads via the old service.

That’s too bad as this caused problems for a number of people.  I am aware that the PyPI team is severely understaffed at best, but getting hit by this is still annoying.  As far as I know even the deprecation was not communicated widely, sending mail to maintainers of packages that use the feature would have been nice.

I’m currently stuck with old documentation on the site that has Google ranking, and no way to change anything about that. A way to replace the documentation by a redirect would have been nice (and was something that I wanted to do anyways, I’ve moved documentation to Read the Docs because that way the website gets updated automatically leaving me more time to do useful work)