Wow, a huge thanks to everyone named (as well as you, Nick ;) for persevering and getting this through.

On 22 August 2014 22:34, Nick Coghlan <> wrote:
I just pushed Donald's final round of edits in response to the
feedback on the last PEP 440 thread, and as such I'm happy to announce
that I am accepting PEP 440 as the recommended approach to identifying
versions and specifying dependencies when distributing Python

The PEP is available in the usual place at

It's been a long road to get to an implementation independent
versioning standard that has a feasible migration path from the
current pkg_resources defined de facto standard, and I'd like to thank
a few folks:

* Donald Stufft for his extensive work on PEP 440 itself, especially
the proof of concept integration into pip
* Vinay Sajip for his efforts in validating earlier versions of the PEP
* Tarek Ziadé for starting us down the road to an implementation
independent versioning standard with the initial creation of PEP 386
back in June 2009, more than five years ago!


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