I confess that I don't even know how to subscribe to all threads of a discourse.

- [ ] How to subscribe to all threads of discourse

So, I'd miss security or release announcements only posted to discourse and not distutils-sig (or pypa-dev, which IMHO has the more appropriate scope name in that packaging and PyPI are somewhat inseparable)

Is there some convenient way to cryptographically-sign Discourse posts? Maybe with e.g. OpenPGP.js? Or is that unnecessary these days.

Discourse in Python would be great to have.

https://github.com/discourse/discourse (Rails)


https://gitlab.com/mailman/postorius (Django)

Having mailing list discussions archived in one's searchable inbox is underrated, IMHO

Being able to link to specific messages within a thread using permalinks is very useful; though most won't even read it

On Thu, Jul 30, 2020, 8:24 AM Jeremy Stanley <fungi@yuggoth.org> wrote:
On 2020-07-30 11:51:24 +0100 (+0100), Paul Moore wrote:
> 1. Will dropping distutils-sig mean that people who prefer
> interacting here lose their voice in packaging discussions?

Probably not. I think the fact that most of the list's prior
conversation has already moved to Discourse means this is already
the case, and so closing this ML is probably more a reflection of
the reality that those voices are effectively absent in relevant
conversations now.

> 2. Will having one fewer "recommended place" to start discussions
> make it easier for new participants to get involved?

Maybe. But as I've seen in many other communities, discussions start
organically in a variety of places and platforms, and are rarely
constrained by community consensus "recommendations" of venue.
Jeremy Stanley
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