On 2 Oct 2014 06:12, "Paul Moore" <p.f.moore@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1 October 2014 21:06, Daniel Holth <dholth@gmail.com> wrote:
> > You are confusing generated entry_points script wrappers with the
> > setup(scripts=...) scripts. The scripts=... scripts should never be
> > skipped, even with --skip-scripts, they should work the same as they
> > always have.
> Sorry, you're right. But the legacy (non entry-point) scripts are
> certainly fragile, and I'd recommend avoiding them. Even for actual
> scripts, and *certainly* as a hack to get things in the "Scripts"
> directory...

Note that PEP 459 currently proposes preserving this capability as "python.commands.prebuilt", so I personally consider it reasonable as a way of packaging arbitrary executables and non-entry-point based scripts.

The main problem with using it for DLLs is the potential for "DLL hell" that you and others have mentioned, as version management on DLLs installed into shared directories can get very messy.


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