Sure, although I don't have much to announce, glad to hear from everyone who is interested. Its own mailing list is used to discuss development. The project is currently useful.

pip install -e git+

# build wheels for pyramid and all of its dependencies:
pip wheel -w /tmp/wheelbase pyramid

# install pyramid and its dependencies fast, without consulting the network:
pip install --use-wheel --no-index --find-links=/tmp/wheelbase pyramid

If you would like to help, come to python-dev to discuss getting the PEPs accepted, a pre-requisite for being merged into mainline pip. We seem to have stalled on the digital signature features but the rest of the design is non-controversial. There's also the disruptive suggestion to switch away from - as the separator between filename parts.

The bitbucket repository and the page feature new releases with small improvements several times a month. The fantastic "pip wheel" command in qwcode's pip repository is getting better and better. Platform tags are honored now, so pip will choose correctly between versions of a distribution built for windows or Linux, or for Python 2 or 3, depending on your runtime.