Dear Otto:

The only way that I could tell you about a project that kind of does what you are looking for is already done somewhat in Distutils2-1.0a4 tarball...

You may get the tarball from here, and look at its and setup.cfg files...

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Rob G. Healey

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 8:35 AM, Otto Maddox <> wrote:

I have a Python project which follows a client-server architecture. It
is natural to develop it as two different projects and in two different
source distributions, myproject-server.tar.gz and

Neither package depends on the other, but because they are part of a
larger, overarching project, I want install each of them so that they
appear as subpackages (myproject.server and myproject.client) under a
common superpackage (myproject). I am looking for the cleanest and most
correct way to do this using distutils and, so that I can end
up with a structure like this:




and so that any of the following commands (and their standard
variations) work:

import myproject
import myproject.server
import myproject.client

Is there a way to write distutils/ to do this?

I have tried something like packages = ["myproject", "myproject.client"]
in the client's and packages = ["myproject",
"myproject.server"] in the server's This kind of works, but it
feels wrong because the second package which gets installed will
overwrite files from the first -- for example, there is no clean way to
install myproject/

I can't imagine that I'm the first person to want to address this use
case. What would be the best way of doing this?

Finally, does anybody have any examples of other projects which do a
similar thing? Thanks.

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