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On 1 June 2017 at 01:08, Donald Stufft <donald@stufft.io> wrote:
A sdist is a .tar.gz or a .zip file with a directory structure like (along
with whatever additional files the project needs in the sdist):

I'm confused. Isn't this basically what PEP 517 says already? You've
added some details and clarification, but that could just as easily be
done in a separate document/PEP. The details aren't needed for PEP 517

Yes, it’s basically what PEP 517 says already just more specific and detailed. I don’t know what more people want from “defining what an sdist is”, because that’s basically all an sdist is. I’ve always been of the opinion that PEP 517 is already defining (and then modifying) what an sdist is and I don’t know what more people would want.

PEP 517 needs to do it because PEP 517 wants to change the definition of what a sdist is, and you can’t really change the definition without in fact defining the new thing. I mean we could make a new PEP that just defines sdist (minus the pyproject.toml part) then make PEP 517 extend that PEP and add the pyproject.toml… but that seems kind of silly to me? Splitting it out into it’s own PEP gains us nothing and to me, feels like extra process for process’s sake.

Donald Stufft