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What you have said is interesting. Note that you're using underscores in the release number (against F packaging policy), and the general scheme for devising the release number is also against Fedora packaging policy too (which is highly likely to cause problems in RHEL down the road too). Sure, it works too, but it'd be good if we could stick to the published policies which are also known to work and everybody adheres to them already.

> Hi Manuel,
> Let me share with you what we had implemented and the POLICY that we
> put in place with regards to VERSION-RELEASE strings. We did not look
> at this from egg standpoint as we just distribute RPMS.
> I sent this to Tarek a while ago:
> What I had implemented seems to have the VERSION-RELEASE string issue
> solved using a 'workaround' and a manual policy for the moment. It
> would of course be better if distutils just did this automatically but
> this is at least working. Tarballs, rpms have the same designations and
> all the lexical ordering is correct so that even for pre-release
> versioning the rpms update each other correctly.
> What I did was in added:
> ========================
> version = '5.0.0'
> release = '0_rc3_00001681'
> if sys.argv[1] != 'bdist_rpm':
> version = version + '-' + release
> ========================
> In setup.cfg added:
> ========================
> [bdist_rpm]
> # release must exactly match 'release' as set in
> release=0_rc3_00001681
> ==================
> And then I setup the following policy regarding VERSION-RELEASE naming:
> (this example uses bzr as source code control system but you can
> substitute svn, rcs, or any other type of sccs)
> Development code:
> version="5.0.0"
> release="0_00012345" (where 00012345 is the revision number from
> tarball: foo-5.0.0-0_00012345.tar.gz
> rpm: foo-5.0.0-0_00012345.noarch.rpm
> Alpha code:
> version="5.0.0"
> release="0_alpha1_00123456"
> tarball: foo-5.0.0-0_alpha1_00123456.tar.gz
> rpm: foo-5.0.0-0_alpha1_00123456.noarch.rpm
> Beta code:
> version="5.0.0"
> release="0_beta1_00234567"
> tarball: foo-5.0.0-0_beta1_00234567.tar.gz
> rpm: foo-5.0.0-0_beta1_00234567.noarch.rpm
> Release Candidate code:
> version="5.0.0" release="0_rc1"
> tarball: foo-5.0.0-0_rc1.tar.gz
> rpm: foo-5.0.0-0_rc1.noarch.rpm
> Release Candidate code fix:
> version="5.0.0"
> release="0_rc1_00345678"
> tarball: foo-5.0.0-0_rc1_00345678.tar.gz
> rpm: foo-5.0.0-0_rc1_00345678.noarch.rpm
> Final Release code:
> version="5.0.0"
> release="1"
> tarball: foo-5.0.0-1.tar.gz
> rpm: foo-5.0.0-1.noarch.rpm
> Notice that lexical ordering is proper in all cases. Even where the
> alpha, beta, rc releases may be followed by a bzr fix revision.
> The ensures that both tarballs and packages such as rpm will contain the
> same VERSION-RELEASE designations.
> Also, the use of UNDERSCORES in the 'release' string assures that there
> is no ambiguity with regard to parsing VERSION-RELEASE string
> combination or full package names which have hyphens in specific positions.
> Regards,
> Gerry


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Reality always seems harsher in the early morning.

  Are you on the FPP committee?  I looked at the fedora packaging policy and it is rather similar except it has periods where we have underscores.  It would be nice if fedora could expand the policy to allow the underscore style as well.  Both approaches work just as well.  And to me the underscore form is a lot more readable.
  Also, there isn't a lot of examples in the FPP regarding adding the vcs revision number into the release string.  I like the way we do it because it's lexically correct always.  Maybe this could be added to FPP?