I told you to STOP WRITING TO ME.

Setuptools IS NOT the cause of the invalid prerelease RPMs, it is the DEVELOPERS OF PYTHON PACKAGES, which are merely following Setuptools policy which is ALREADY DOCUMENTED, CODED AND DEPLOYED ON HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MACHINES AROUND THE GLOBE. "Education" is not a solution when the problem has already acquired these proportions.

And we already know you're a big -1. You don't need to keep repeating it, you have made it abundantly transparent that you do not understand the issue at hand, nor have you provided a single line of code or even a workable counterproposal, so it's pretty clear you're full of shit and you vote -1 for bigotry rather than for valid engineering reasons.

Now go away.

To whoever has had the endurance to resist this continuous crapflood that this Reno dude has been flooding us with: you have my admiration, but I won't continue this pointless discussion anymore. Do whatever you want with the patches, they're yours to butcher, reject or accept, and I will continue building more features (I have already proposed a new one in the python bug tracker) -- I am not gonna let this troll break my stride.

Peace out.

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