Hey there,

I’m using python 2.7/setuptools 3.6 to build an egg of my code (checked into perforce) using my setup.py. This egg gets installed into a virtualenv.

On osx/darwin this works fine.

On windows, the bdist creates scripts and data whose permissions are read-only (attrib+r), and they cannot overwrite themselves in a subsequent build of that egg. Similarly, re-installing a new egg using virtualenv fails because the installed egg’s scripts and data are not writable.

I thought it might be that when checked out from perforce, the permissions stayed read-only during the build of the egg, so I set all the files in my module to be read-write before building. Even when the original source files’ permissions are all set to read-write, the generated bdist egg script/data content end up becoming read-only.

Couple of questions.
  1. Since it works fine on osx, it seems like a bug in the windows implementation of setuptools. Is this known behavior, is there a reason for setting this on scripts/data on windows?
  2. Is there a hook in the bdist egg build process I can use to set the attributes of the files correctly when the bdist egg is made? How/where should I define this in my setup.py?
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