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I have to say, as a developer, and a system administrator, I like setuptools.   It does
what I need.  Could it be better?  Sure.  For what I use python for on a day-to-day
basis it makes my life a thousand times better than it was before setuptools.  Nothing
ruins your day more than spending *hours* tracing down package dependencies
just to get the *one* package you need to allow you to perform some crucial task.
It's even worse when you have to do it on multiple architectures.

Perl's package location and installation system (CPAN) is one of the primary facts
contributing to its success.   Perl is a pig.  It's a charming pig that can do lots of tricks,
but a pig none the less.  What makes it shine is CPAN. And here's the catch:  CPAN
isn't really any better than setuptools.  It's got warts and nuts all over the place, but
it works.

And CPAN has some HUGE advantages over setuptools: it is designed as a repository, and it is replicated.   Which means it is dependable.  Anyone who suffered through the multiple outages of PyPI (which in not replicated) over the past year or so, or the ongoing outages of the many repositories across the web to which PyPI directs users/processes, can understand why this is important.

Actually, PyPI is replicated.  See, for example, http://download.zope.org/simple/.

It may be that some of the mirrors should be better advertised.

A half-hearted effort. at best,

Hardly, but there's always room for improvement.

after the problems last year.  When I configure a CPAN client (once per user) I create a list of replicas I want to search for any query from a list of hundreds of  replicas distributed around the world.  From then on the client automatically switches to one of my selected replicas when one does not respond in a timely manner.

That's good.  That would be nice to add to setuptools.

Well that is the patch I have proposed right here : let setuptools deal with several indexes