No, a Python package is more than the installed library you find in site-packages.

If you know exactly what you want to install, you can try to repackage the library yourself by supplying the required metadata, and tell Pipenv to install from that instead.

The simplest way would be to produce a wheel containing the files you want to install, and supply the file to Pipfile like this:

python-apt = { file = ‘file://url/to/you/built/wheel.whl’ }

Since the value is an URL, you can upload the wheel somewhere to install on another computer as well.

On 28/3/2020, at 03:36, Samuel Mutel <> wrote:

I spoke about debian packages but it's a python library installed by a package.

So could we install a python library from the system python library folder?

Le ven. 27 mars 2020 à 20:15, Tzu-ping Chung <> a écrit :

In short, no. Pipenv is designed to only manage Python packages, and cannot be used to access a software that’s not available as a Python package.

APT’s software package format (DEB) is significantly different from Python’s, and it is not possible to mix them together unless the tool is designed specifically to support such an operation; Pipenv does not try to set foot in this area.


On 28/3/2020, at 01:30, Samuel Mutel <> wrote:


I have a pipfile like this.
I would like to install python-apt library but not from pypi but from the system.
Is-it possible?
This python library is no longer supported on pypi but is supported in the package distribution.

name = "pypi"                                                                                      
url = ""                                                                    
verify_ssl = true                                                                                  
ansible = "==2.8.4"                                                                                
ansible-lint = "*"                                                                                  
molecule = "*"                                                                                      
docker-py = "*"                                                                                    
python_version = "3"
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