This was fixed in wheel v0.33.5.

Marius Gedminas kirjoitti 30.10.2019 klo 11.58:
On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 03:09:08PM +0000, Robin Becker wrote:
On 29/10/2019 12:53, Robin Becker wrote:
Hi, I am trying to use the technique of pillow to pre-emptively
build windows 38 wheel for x_64 and also i686.

I used
as a starting point, but made the version stuff explicit so my install
ps1 looks like

I am slightly mystified can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?
I think the problem was that the installed python needed an upgraded
pip & wheel. I seem to be building


ie without the 'm' in the filename.
That is correct: Python 3.8 no longer uses the 'm' flag to distinguish
pymalloc builds because they're now ABI-compatible:


Marius Gedminas

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